To help drive innovation in the blockchain industry, Catalyx is committed to supporting both new and established blockchains. Catalyx aims to provide its users with an ever-growing selection of blockchain technologies and digital tokens.

There are two main reviews that Catalyx completes before a token may be listed on Catalyx:

  1. Preliminary Review: This is the initial review Catalyx completes to determine whether a token that seeks to be listed on Catalyx, should proceed through the full listing process. A Catalyx employee will notify you if your token has been selected to undergo the Full Listing Review, once you have submitted the required information on the submission form below.

  2. Full Listing Review: This is a more in-depth review Catalyx completes of the token. Catalyx may request certain documentation through this process, including an executed Non-Disclosure Agreement and Listing Agreement, as well as any legal documentation confirming the due diligence of said token. A committee comprised of Catalyx employees will determine if the token meets our robust criteria, and whether it will be listed on Catalyx. As part of this review, Catalyx may consult with outside advisors.

To start the preliminary review, please submit the required information through Catalyx Support using the following link:

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