Please be advised that on Thursday June 2nd 2022, from 9:30AM EST until 5:30PM EST, will be offline and unavailable while we perform maintenance on the site.

What can Catalyx customers expect during this scheduled maintenance?  

  • Users will not be able to log into, during this maintenance period.   

  • Customers assets will remain secure during the downtime.   

  • All markets will be offline, and all trading will be suspended during the scheduled downtime.   

  • All orders will remain open (on the order books) during the maintenance, including partially filled orders.   

  • Deposits and Withdrawals already in progress will continue to process. However you will not be able to process any new deposits or withdrawals during this maintenance period.

Please be sure to cancel any orders that you do not want to execute automatically when the site resumes activity, as market conditions may fluctuate during the maintenance period.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please email us directly.

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