Catalyx offers two types of accounts, Personal and Corporate.

You can register for a Personal Catalyx account, by clicking here and following the steps below. Should you want to open a Corporate account, you must first open a Personal account, then click here, and follow the steps provided.

PLEASE NOTE: Once you start the registration process, you must complete it in full. If you should stop half way through registering your email or phone number, you will not be able to access the site again. Should this happen, please email us, for assistance.

  • Step 1: You will enter an email address, that you would like all Catalyx communications to go to

  • Step 2: Read over the entire Catalyx Terms of Service (which can also be accessed through our Support Centre, here). Once read, you will need to tick the box, stating that you have "read and agree to the Terms of Service".

*You must scroll through the entire Terms of Service in order to be able to tick the box* Once completed, click "Verify Email".

An email will be sent to the email address you provided, within the email will be a link to "Verify Your Email". Once you have clicked the link, you will be reverted back to the Catalyx site, to complete the registration process.

  • Step 3: You will enter a mobile phone number, to receive a security code via text message, once entered, click "Send Code." *Be sure to select the country the phone is registered to from the drop down options on the left.

* Please note this phone number will need to be accessible each time you log into your Catalyx account, whether you choose, Text message or an Authenticator as your Security Setting.

  • Step 4: You will then receive a text message with the code, which you will enter to Verify your phone number, and click "Confirm".

  • Step 5: You will now enter a Password, that you will use, each time you log into your Catalyx account.

The password must include atleast one of the following, and must be a minimum 8 characters in length:

- Lowercase letter(s)

- Number(s)

- Uppercase letter(s)

- Symbol(s)

Once you have entered a valid password, click on "Go to My Dashboard".

A message will pop up advising you of our Partnership with Prime Trust and that you may need to update/input your banking information, Click "Okay".

Along the top of the DashBoard (if on a PC), or in the My Account Dropdown section (if on a mobile device), will be the "ID Verification" section, click there.

A message will be present advising you that you will not be able to fund your account until you've verified your identity. Requesting you to "Click Here" to start the verification process.

A screen will present itself, requesting you to enter "User Personal Details"

  • Step 6: You will need to input the following:
    - Name- Legal First & Last Name

    - Date of Birth
    - Address- Home Mailing Address (PO Boxes not accepted, physical address only)
    - Occupation- including Employer, Occupation & Job title

You will then click Next.

  • Step 7: Now you will need to provide a Valid piece of Government Issued Identification.

Identification options are:
- Passport
- Driver's License
- Other Government Issued ID-
- Provincial ID Card

- Certificate of Canadian Citizenship (with photo)
- Permanent Resident Card

Please select the Country in which your Identification was issued from the options in the drop down list, as well as select the type of Identification you will be providing out of the options available. You can either upload the photos of your Identification or you can switch to your mobile device, to be able to take a photo of the ID, should you not have a photo available to upload.

  • Step 8: You will now need to complete a Selfie Video

    • You can click Next to proceed on the device you are currently on,

    • OR you can click "Continue on your phone", to move to your phone in order to record the video. Follow the prompts on the screen to proceed, either copying the link or using the QR code provided.

*Please Note: You must grant access to both the camera and the microphone, not granting access to this, will cause your video to fail.

  • When ready, fit your face into the white square, and hit record. Make sure to recite each number presented on the screen out loud, once done, stop the recording. You now have the ability to upload that video or retake the video, should you want.

  • Step 9: You will now be asked to verify the information you have provided. If everything is accurate, click "NEXT". Your ID verification will now be submitted and somewhat instantly validated.

Should you have any questions, please email us!


Q1. What is my Login ID?

Your Login ID is the email in which you first registered your account with.

Q2. I did not receive a verification email- re: Email or Cell Phone Number

1. Please verify that your email address has been entered correctly

2. Please check your spam/junk folder to see if the verification email is in there.

3. If you tried everything but still did not or cannot receive the email, please email us, and we will have the issue sorted out as soon as possible.

Q3. The link in the verification email does not work

If you did receive an email but did not action it within 2 hours of receiving it, you will need to re-register it, as the link will have expired. Please email us, and we will help you to do this.

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