Q1. How do I make my account more secure? 


  • Close the accounts you’re not using
  • Set up a password manager app
  • Add two-factor verification
  • Protect your password resets
  • Check your account activity
  • Delete third-party account connections
  • Keep your software updated
  • Trust no one
  • Get extra help from antivirus programs and security software
  • Specify your trusted contacts
  • Change your passwords regularly
  • Use a secret email address
  • Keep your phone protected and set up remote wipe capabilities
  • Stay informed on tech news
  • Install a VPN to stay safe on public Wi-Fi
  • Add PIN code protection
  • Keep your accounts to yourself on your mobile devices and computers
  • Watch what you share online 

Q2. Password requirements 



Q3. How to avoid digital currency scams  



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