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All trading is done through the Bittrex market, unless and until stated otherwise. Therefore, although any and all fees charged by CatalX are equivalent to fees charged by Bittrex - not higher nor lower - there are foreign exchange fees that are charged in order to facilitate trading through the Bittrex markets.  CatalX expressly reserves the right to change its transaction and/or foreign exchange fees at any time without notice. Any and all foreign exchange fees will be reflected in the $CAD price that is displayed.  


All trades are charged 0.25% of the transaction value.  Any portion of a trade that is not executed will not be charged. 


Although there are no fees for deposits, please be aware that some cryptocurrencies may require that your funds be moved to another address before they can be credited.  This means that the cryptocurrency network may charge a transaction fee for this transfer, which cannot be avoided.  In addition, each cryptocurrency may charge network transfer fees for withdrawals, This also cannot be avoided.



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